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FreeBSD Boot Splash Graphical Booting HowTO

Hi, before proceeding please disable console high resolution if you have enabled it in your FreeBSD, how to do or check if it was enabled is written in one of my previous articles.

FreeBSD supports the display of 256-color BMP, PCX or BIN files at a max resolution of 1024x768 for boot the splash image and console screen saver. Enabling this functionality is as simple as copying suitable images into the /boot/ directory and adding a few lines to /boot/loader.conf.

Given that the 1024x768 resolution is a 4:3 aspect ratio and modern widescreen dislays utilize 16:9/10 ratios these images have been rendered so that proper scale is achieved when displayed on a widescreen 16:9 display set to 1024x768. It is also worth noting that the VESA kernel module, which is included in the GENERIC FreeBSD 9+ kernel, is required to display these images.

Definitions in /boot/loader.conf
If you plan on using just a single image, copy it to /boot/ and upon your next reboot you should now see the splash image as opposed to your standard dmesg output. The ports collection however does come with a small utility for displaying a random splash image-- sysutils/bsd-splash-changer.

If you plan on using the splash changer port, copy your images to /usr/local/share/bsd-splash-changer/ instead and change the above reference of freebsd-boot.pcx to splash in /boot/loader.conf. Additionally you will need to enable the splash changer at run-time by editing /etc/rc.conf

Optional Enable bsd-splash-changer in /etc/rc.conf
 FreeBSD Boot Splash Collection Download here


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