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Ubuntu - Using Offline

Hi there, this how-to will help you using ubuntu linux system without Internet connection. You will learn how to install and manage packages on offline system. To do this you will need online system with ubuntu linux (if you are using another system such as Windows, OSX you will need to use virtual-box or other virtualization software to install ubuntu). On online system you will need to download software packages and repository updates.

Note: This tutorial was tested under ubuntu 11.04 (natty) version (it also works only on i386 architecture at the time).

Use this tool to download repositories/packages on online ubuntu system.


./offline_deb -r

This will download repository information to the online system, then you will need to copy "repositories" directory to your flash drive or other media. On the offline system you will need to put files from "repositories" directory to "/var/lib/apt/lists".

Package installation is very easy. On the online system edit script and add needed packages to line LIST="" save script and run:

./offline_deb -g -- Will  generate package list with dependencies.

./offline_deb -d -- Will download packages from that list.

Copy all directories to media (such as flash drive). Then put it on the offline system, copy all the files ending in .deb from packages directory to /var/cache/apt/archives (cp packages/*.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/) and you can install these packages issuing command:

./offline_deb -i


Enjoy! ;-)

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