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Windows 8 Developer Preview Screenshots

First of all I'm not going to talk about this Windows 8 Developer Preview deeply, I'm just going to show some screenshots and my opinion about some cosmetic things. I will not talk about any of new programming APIs and other similar programming things. So...

Windows install took about 15min (very fast, using virtualization), two reboots and we are ready. First impressions with metro interface not very good (it's my opinion), I'm old school man, but it's very easy to use and "nice" looking. After vmware tools installation windows started very slowly. But everything was fine, and with better 3D acceleration.

About metro user interface: In my opinion it's a bunch of crap, works like damn explorer.exe running it with "wine" alpha. One time it works another time it does not show anything... My testings stops in here, i don't have much time to test it further. Maybe another time. Because it's just an ALPHA stage release of Windows 8, so don't expect anything useful. Only thing i liked is a new "task manager". Below are some screenshots of this Windows 8 build.

SCREENSHOTS CAN BE FOUND HERE http://null.people.bsdnet.net/windows-8-developer-preview-screenshots/

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