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My top 5 used applications

Everyone has his own set of favorite software. In computing world, there are a lot of them, you can use different app for the same task, or same task do in different ways. Nowadays personal computer software does a very big job in our life, it helps you make things go faster (or slower...), it can help you to do some tasks in easy way or in hard way. The big question is: What are you prefer to use ?

My top 5 applications for Apple Mac OS X:

  1. Opera - For browsing teh internets...

  2. iTerm - Nice terminal emulator for work ;-)

  3. Textual - For IRC of course.

  4. Songbird - For music.

  5. MS RDP - For remote desktop connection to windows servers.

My top 5 applications for Microsoft Windows:

  1. FireFox - For browsing.

  2. Putty - For work..

  3. XChat - For IRC.

  4. Total Commander - For file management...

  5. Foobar2000 - For music.

My top 5 applications for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and other Unix clones:

  1. FireFox - For browsing.. and opera for browsing localhost...

  2. gTerm - For work..

  3. XChat - For IRC.

  4. mpd - For music.

  5. bash - For file management. ;-)

My top 5 applications for Apple Mac Classic (7.X-9.X):

  1. Audion - For music..

  2. Mozilla - For internets.

  3. Colloquy - For IRC.

  4. Starcraft.

  5. ssh2 connect.

My top 5 applications for BeOS/ZetaOS/Haiku:

  1. FireFox - For internets.

  2. Vision - For IRC..

  3. CL-AMP - For Music...

  4. BeShare - For file sharing.

  5. VLC - For multimedia.

And of course i will write my top 5 bad/FAIL applications:

  1. Skype - Evil closed source proprietary p2p VoIP protocol/client with huge like elephant ass interface and abnormal network packet routing infrastructure... Used by >16yo to 120 year people mostly by uber n00bs and virgin girls, who don't even know where internet was born from...

  2. mIRC - IRC Client used by uber n00bs and 16yo script kiddies making software using mIRC scripts and abusing IRC networks with spam messages. Program also is shareware with some annoying ub33r n00b on about window (now removed).

  3. MS Office - Proprietary office software with proprietary document standards...

  4. Adobe Flash - Proprietary technology, it simply sucks!

  5. Windows Genuine Advantage is still genuinely bad...

Whats your favorite software ? ;-)


  1. 1. Chrome (most important extension LastPass) - for internet
    2. VLC - movies
    3. uTorrent - BitTorrent client
    4. XChat - IRC
    5. Dropbox - Sync and share files

  2. Tinder Mod Apk this is my favorite app, when I can search for friends to chat and make friends, androidpig shared me a free version


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