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From Sony Ericsson to Nokia

Hi guys,

I recently bought an old business class Nokia e50 and wanted to transfer my contacts from Sony Ericsson walkman to this new cellphone. I faced a big inconvinience, there is no standard way to do it. What ?! What the fuck ?! But one of my friends pointed me to the right way. And i've got a solution for this problem. I did the job this way:

1) I've send contacts from phone book in Sony Ericsson via bluetooth to PC using .vcf format.
2) I downloaded http://www.philipstorry.net/vcardsplit.html.
3) I used command "vcardsplit.exe contacts.vcf" to split contacts into pieces. Now then i have lots of .vcf splitted, i can load it on my e50 nokia.
4) I copied all these .vcf to memory card "E:\others\contacts" directory.
5) And used nokia phone book function copy > from memory card.

Thats all. I hope it will help someone...

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