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Ubuntu on PowerBook g3 wallstreet

Hi, there i will write a small how-to, on how to run (X)Ubuntu Edgy, on the OldWorld PowerBook g3 Wallstreet I/II. First of all you need to download and burn ubuntu ppc iso.

Tested PowerBook specs:
Firmware: PowerBookG3 Series 0a
CPU: PowerPC 750, 400Mhz rev: 2.2 L2 cache: 1024K unified pipelined-syncro-burst
HDD: Toshiba MK4309MAT, 4327MB MultiWord DMA2
RAM: 320MB (pc100)
VGA: ATI 3D Rage LT Pro (rev dc)

Also note! You need at least Mac OS 8.X running on your Mac to run BootX boot-loader.

BootX installation

1) Download BootX boot loader from here.

2) Extract it with Stuff Expander (on os8 you need to update it to the latest version)

3) Copy "* BootX Extension" to "hdd/System Folder/Extensions"

4) Copy "Linux Kernels" to "hdd/System Folder"

Kernel Preaparation

1) Insert ubuntu edgy ppc cd to cd-rom.

2) Copy kernel from "CD/casper/powerpc/vmlinux" to "hdd/System Folder/Linux Kernels"

3) Also we need to copy/move initrd to Linux Kernels too, after copying it from "CD/casper/powerpc/initrd.gz" to "hdd/System Folder/Linux Kernels" rename to "image.ramdisk.gz"

Running BootX and booting up ubuntu

1) Run BootX app

2) Select kernel vmlinux

3) Click on options, select "Force video settings", "Use specified RAM Disk" and Choose the same copied initrd image... Click OK

4) Check ram size to match: 8192

5) In "More kernel arguments:" write "video=atyfb:vmode:14,cmode:32,mclk:71 boot=casper" //the first line is for video hack another for rootfs image

6) Click "Save to prefs".

7) Click on Linux, and that's all! After 10min you should be running x-window system...

p.s if you want install ubuntu into hdd, please note that gparted (libparted) does not support hfs+ (extended hfs) partitions resizing, better to use hfs standard partition before trying to install ubuntu or prepare unused partition before installing MacOS. ;-)

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