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GTA San Andreas Multiplayer on Linux

Hi, there!

I was wondering how to write a good HowTo about running GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP) on linux using wine, because other commercial solutions from CodeWeavers, Bordeaux, TransGaming simply SUCKS! EofNET is starting new service for gamers called "Unlimited Gaming Zone" its retro style games for enthusiasts, n00bs and no-lifers. The goal of this service is to test and improve Linux emulation on FreeBSD by running various game servers etc...  There are few people who want to play games on linux too, so now I'm responsible for this. I have to write good guides on running such stuff. The first game server EofNET is testing is SA:MP (GTA San Andreas Multiplayer).

I think people who reading this shit have good enough skills on how to install wine and winetricks. I will write simple HowTo on how compile it and configure on generic linux distribution it means "universal install". By the way everything is tested on the latest wine development version 1.1.33. Make sure you have all required development files and build tools. Install development tools on ubuntu/debian apt-get install build-essential.

NOTE! If your distribution are not configured to use sudo, then do these commands as super user (root).

Downloading and installing wine [section 1]

# sudo wget http://ibiblio.org/pub/linux/system/emulators/wine/wine-1.1.33.tar.bz2
# sudo tar xjf wine-1.1.33.tar.bz2
# cd wine-1.1.33
# ./configure && make && make install

If everything is installed, we need to run winecfg and configure some points of wine, also it creates wine prefix.

Tweaking Wine [section 2]

Run as normal user:

# WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine winecfg

On the applications tab set Windows version to XP, on the graphics tab turn off emulate desktop, set Vertex Shader Support to None also set off Allow Pixel Shader. On the audio tab, select alsa and turn off others, set hardware acceleration to emulation, Press Apply and OK. That's all we have configured a basic wine requirements to run GTA San Andreas Multiplayer. But now we need to install necessary native libraries, we will do this using winetricks tool.

# sudo wget http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks -O /usr/local/bin/winetricks && chmod +x /usr/local/bin/winetricks

Now we need to run winetricks with the following parameters as normal user, to install required libraries, fonts and other stuff also set some opengl parameters. Also be sure if you have cabextract tool on your distribution.

# /usr/local/bin/winetricks d3dx9 fontfix gdiplus mfc42 msi2 msxml6 riched30 tahoma vb6run vcrun6 vcrun6sp6 allfonts glsl-enable orm=fbo winxp

Apply this registry tweak for opengl:

WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine wine regedit opengl-tweak.reg

GTA Configuration

Install GTA San Andreas if its not already installed, if installed then download and install SA:MP client if its not installed, if installed you will need just select GTA directory after you launch it. Okay now we need to download and overwrite some SAMP files.

Go to GTA directory where gta_sa.exe is and do the following things:

# wget http://null.people.bsdnet.net/stuff/samp/asiloader.rar
# rar x asiloader.rar (press y to overwrite files)
# mv samp.dll samp.asi

That's All! Now you can run your GTA San Andreas Multiplayer with this command from GTA directory:

# WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine wine samp.exe

Add new server gta.games.eofnet.lt and press run!

Other Notes! GTA San Andreas must be version 1.0 to work with SA:MP if you have version 2.0 downgrade it with this tool.

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