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BSDNet updates comming this summer

Be prepared for the next major BSDNet update. We are working hard to prepare our new IRCD v2.0 software for next major BSDNet reborn. You think this ircnet is dead ?! - Of course NOT! Our elite members are always online ! And i appreciate it. So to attract more users/projects to this IRCNet we are reimplementing IRCD software in this way. Our current IRCd software is very old and not maintained in these days (yeah, it's stable but very old) the last revision of the code was in 2006 but its originally havent changed since 2005 year. So we started to rewrite everything from scratch and add some Hyperion/Charybdis features to it. Of course we are using code from these projects, we will give details later. By merging these technologies/features together we've got result as expected, everything now is under heavy development.

What features will be added/changed ?

  • New software hybrid ircd (hyperion/Charybdis like) BSDNET IRCD v2.0

  • New ircd services software atheme

  • Support for nice host based cloacks (like in FreeNode)

  • Support FreeNode unique features like ban forwarding, hidden ircops

  • Builtin protections against clones, TOR exit nodes, proxies etc...

  • Universal WebChat client

  • Maybe later integration with the web interface ?

The old database data will be converted to the new services recognized format, no need for re-register your nick's chan's.

I'm planning to open beta testing next week and a total database conversion in the end of this month.

The project is sponsored by EofNET summer of B33R!

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