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Magic Numpad the serial number you entered is incorrect

Hi there!

My last post was long time ago. Today I'm explaining what to do if you have lost your serial number of Mobee's Magic Numpad Software on Mac OS X. It requires activation key that comes with your magic numpad 20 or later.. But if you lost the package and the card with serial number, what to do next ? The Mobee's website and it's support is under maintenance or it's temporary down. Without this key you are unable to use their product..

The only solution is to crack down this software, it can be done easily with software on Mac such as HexFiend and Hopper Disassembler. There is some stuff that needs to be modified in the correct way, to solve our problem:

Just change 0F 84 F9 00 00 00 to 0F 85 F9 00 00 00, it changes assembler instruction from JZ (jump if zero) to JNZ  (jump if not Zero).

You can also download the pre-patched binary from here and place it to Magic Numad > Contents > MacOS (do replace), now start the application, write any serial number (must be formatted long format) and everything should work. ;-)

This howto is written for Mobee Magic Numpad v2.2 software. It was written for educational purposes only. The Mobee itself can MAKE more support to users, so we can work as usual without such solutions!

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