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Apache: Rename apache signature name

Hi folks! There is a small tip for a security paranoid people who want to hide or sabotage version information about their running services. On this post i will teach you how to make Apache httpd web server look like Microsoft ISS or other HTTPD Daemon. All you need is to enable mod_security on your apache.

# a2enmod mod-security

Then on the main Apache configuration or security file you need to add these lines:
ServerTokens OS
SecServerSignature Microsoft-IIS/8.5
This will change Apache httpd server "http get" header to "Server: Microsoft-IIS/8.5", and it will be reported as Microsoft ISS web server look at this page for confirmation. Of course you need to restart it to make changes.

Also if you are using PHP with the Apache httpd web server you can hide the php information by adding this line to php.ini:
expose_php = Off 
This will enhance security of your web server by sabotaging information. For attacker it will be harder to find what httpd daemon you are using.

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