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Fixing HDD Bad Sectors on PowerPC (ibook g4)

Hi there, recently i was in trouble, that there is no free way on Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.x) to fix HDD with bad sectors, i mean mark sectors as unusable. The only way i can make it work is to use Gnu/Linux with tool "badblocks". You can do it by yourself, Just make sure you have re-partitioned your hdd and maked a HFS+ partition and erased (with zeroes). Now do not install OS X, after you done partitioning, just reboot and boot from Debian CD you can simply use Debian GNU/Linux (NETInstall.iso) downloaded from here. After starting Debian setup, just press ALT+F3, and run:

bash # badblocks -vn /dev/hda

It will securely check your whole hard disk drive for bad sectors and mark them as unusable, although this type of scan is secure and it will not destroy any data. Of course this command will take some time, on my ibook g4 800mhz 40gb hdd it taked 5hours (with 540 bad sectors).

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