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DD-WRT On Asus RT-N13U

Hi there, now i will write few tricks on how to make your asus n13u wireless/ethernet router be more powerfull. Recently builds of dd-wrt now partially supports this model of asus router and it works quite good.. First of all you need to have original asus software for windows with firmware restoration utility. Then you need to download revision 14594 of dd-wrt firmware. After that, run the firmware restoration utility load file, restart your router by holding reset and turning off Power Cable, then the buttom LED will start blinking you can start flashing... If you fail, it always possible to restore to the original version of firmware in the same way.

There are some problems too, the USB storage devices will not work by default, it will need some tricks to make it work. Go to the menu "Administration > Commands" And save this text as Startup.

mkdir /tmp/etc/config/

echo "wget http://www.home.karneval.cz/10102207/jbd.ko -P /tmp/root/" >> /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

echo "wget http://www.home.karneval.cz/10102207/mbcache.ko -P /tmp/root/" >> /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

echo "wget http://www.home.karneval.cz/10102207/ext3.ko -P /tmp/root/" >> /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

echo "wget http://www.home.karneval.cz/10102207/fat.ko -P /tmp/root/" >> /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

echo "wget http://www.home.karneval.cz/10102207/vfat.ko -P /tmp/root/" >> /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

echo "wget http://www.home.karneval.cz/10102207/nls_iso8859-1.ko -P /tmp/root/" >> /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

echo "wget http://www.home.karneval.cz/10102207/nls_cp437.ko -P /tmp/root/" >> /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

echo "insmod /tmp/root/jbd.ko" >> /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

echo "insmod /tmp/root/mbcache.ko" >> /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

echo "insmod /tmp/root/ext3.ko" >> /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

echo "insmod /tmp/root/fat.ko" >> /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

echo "insmod /tmp/root/vfat.ko" >> /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

echo "insmod /tmp/root/nls_iso8859-1.ko" >> /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

echo "insmod /tmp/root/nls_cp437.ko" >> /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

echo "mount /dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1 /opt" >> /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

chmod +x /tmp/etc/config/ext3.wanup

After saving it go to the menu "Services > USB"

Click on to enable these options

Core USB Support

USB 2.0 Support

USB Storage Support

ext2 / ext3 File System Support

FAT File System Support

Automatic Drive Mount

Disk Mount Point: /opt

Thats all. Now press Apply Changes, and after router restart, everything should work, you can then use your USB Storage device such as USB Stick.

Later, i will write much more about this device! ;-)

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