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r8169 - RTL8111/8168B Linux driver

I've got some problems yesterday with the new server that runs CentOS 5.3 release, as it uses the old r8169 kernel module driver, i think I'm not only one who discovered this kind of bug. The default driver works very bad as it lacks new chipsets support. It have very big problems with simultaneously connections and drops lots of packets. The ifconfig shows RX packets:273938499 errors:0 dropped:43234159811128 overruns:0 frame:0. After transmitting more and more data it become more and more unstable, after transmitting ~300gb it became terrible unstable. Debugging also showed a huge IRQ interrupts sharing problem. So I've got the solution of manually upgrading this driver to the official realtek source, that have been updated recently (2009.07.30). After the kernel module driver update everything works fine.

This is a small guide how to upgrade it on CentOS 5.3:

First download the kernel module driver source code from here to /usr/src then install kernel headers required for module build:

# yum install kernel-devel
Install new kernel module from source
# cd /usr/src&&tar xjf r8168-8.013.00.tar.bz2&&cd r8168-8.013.00&&make install
Reload module driver
# rmmod r8169 &&modprobe r8169

Thats all.

I think it will help someone too ;-)

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